Message from the President

Their value, to explore with others our aim.

We 2014 years 10 month in Sapporo, Hokkaido business is currently in Japan recruitment of request and.

Yet the establishment of the company while no company can many I believe you can. Therefore, the company's break-even only in the pursuit of profit in the running of, not the first customer to pursue the interests of the amazing graphics; scary build up; addictive and difficult gameplay; educational. - So we plenty of"thank you"for accumulation,return and their surviving data and so on.

Also, our customers as to the positioning of the media"tops that With"of the members are also included. Especially in clinical trials and clinical trials in the world of the subject, and who can help us out that test is satisfied. Therefore, the member to the benefits of information and awareness campaigns and the effort to.

We will,in the true sense of the two sides to our customers in terms of value to companies as and when you need it.

President Kawabe Tetsuharu

Company profile

Company name Edihas K.K.
English company name edihas K. K.
President Kawabe Tetsuharu
Location Hokkaido Chuo-ku, Sapporo-Shi, 大通東 2-chome 3−1 No. 36 Katsura sum Building, 7th floor
TEL 011-252-7419
FAX 011-252-7420
Business description
  • Clinical trial, clinical trials, clinical research Recruitment,Management
  • Clinical trials and contract work
  • Call center operations
  • Various advertising production
  • Other Agency
Account Over 80 companies(manufacturers,CRO,SMO,medical institutions, universities, etc.)


By train: subway Tozai Line Bus Center Mae Station, Exit 5 is directly connected to Odori station Walk 8 minutes

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