Here are our thoughts on the value and concept of our subject recruitment services, as well as our subjects ‘ referral process 

Our view on Recruitment of clinical trial subjects’ agency services

Value of the service

Matching with subjects

The service we provide is not intended to receive money from companies and operate advertisements based on that money. The true value of our service lies in the fact that we act as a bridge between those who conduct clinical trials, clinical research and those who participate in such trials as subjects. 

At first glance, there is not much difference between this advertising agency model and a subject recruitment company, but the results can be very different. This is because a recruiting company, which needs to understand the intentions of both clients and patients and match them accurately, requires a commitment to the basic premise of collecting clinical subjects. In our constant pursuit of commitment, we inevitably conduct all advertising operations in-house and have accumulated this know-how in-house.  

By-products of pursuing service value


By managing social media and other advertising in-house and connecting directly with the advertising media, we are able to provide speedy and low-cost support for recruiting subjects. In addition, by communicating directly with the advertising media, we are able to provide more detailed handling, and we have accumulated experience and know-how in such as the selection of catch phrases and A/B testing of images for ad production. 

A/B testing of ad images

It takes a lot of effort to keep up to date with the latest knowledge and technology and to manage advertising, but this constant commitment to results enhances the value of the services we provide.  

We will continue to provide support to pharmaceutical companies, CROs, SMOs on implementation, as well as to realize “Patient Centricity” in drug development, by accurately grasping what is actually required as the party closest to the subject, and by pursuing the value of subject recruitment services. 

Please click here for details of our services related to subject recruitment. 

Shifts in Subject Recruitment  

Past and Present

In the past, recruitment was outsourced to regional PROs (Patient Recruitment Organizations) by each SMO. Using a local PRO only in areas where progress was slow, had the administrative and cost advantages of accelerating progress. On the other hand, there were not so many advantages of shortening time, since the implementation plan would start moving only after progress was slow. 

Now, although it is possible to conduct a certain degree of case forecasting in advance to complement the recruitment preparation and development of recruitment plans, because of its cumbersome process, recruiting work entrusted to the selected PRO, but the selected PROs have their own strengths and weaknesses, in some areas case registration may not even progress at all. So, the benefits are not as obvious as before. 

Main means of implementation

1. Advertising Agencies & PROs (Database, Call Center)

Agency is best suited for implementing “branding,” which is a specialty of it, but involves huge costs and risks due to lack of expertise in recruiting subjects. 


2. PRO via SMO

Although there is an advantage of reducing costs, there is little advantage of shortening the time period because it is done at a later stage. In addition, since the cost of recruiting PROs tends to be low, PROs are limited in their own advertising expenses and may not be able to fully demonstrate their capabilities. 


3. Use multiple PRO companies in parallel 

Although it is possible to take advantage of the good points of PROs, it is very complicated to manage operations in terms of coordinating facility slots and communicating information to each PRO. 


We at ediHAS essentially specialize in “collection” and clearly calculate the costs. In addition, we can work with PROs in each region, such as Hokkaido, Kyushu, and other major cities. We can coordinate the associated quotas, conclude contracts with each SMO, and submit IRB materials for each PRO. 

Subject recruitment advertising and it’s fees

Ambiguity of recruitment expenses 

More than a decade ago, recruiting companies (hereinafter referred to as PRO) only recruited subjects per case price, but today, in addition to case price, many other cost items are cumulative, such as advertising, administration and event costs. 


One possible reason for this is that the clients of PROs have changed, and second is that PROs who want to avoid risk have become more like advertising agencies. 

Of course, the difficulty of recruiting clinical subjects has increased over the years, but that cannot be the entire reason, and it is questionable whether the effectiveness of the program is commensurate with its cost price compared to the past. 

Image of estimated incorporated costs based on the unit cost of advertising acquisition  

In today’s subject recruitment, it is extremely difficult to recruit subjects without advertising, even though there is an existing database.  

We use the following image to calculate the cost of advertising. Of course, the percentages will vary depending on the protocol, but you can get a general idea of cost by simply changing the numbers. 

This remains basically the same whether the study is conducted on healthy subjects or on diseased subjects. Therefore, we place great importance on hearing the prospective yield of the trial and fixing ,before recruitment begins. 

By clarifying where the final figures deviated from expectations, whether good or bad, it also clarifies where the responsibility lies as a PRO. We believe that if, after the test is over, we simply state vaguely that “the PRO’s estimates were not good enough,” we will not be able to make the most of the results the next time around. 

In addition, if we exclude risk taking, we can basically set the cost at any point by calculating this in reverse.  
Ad acquisition cost per unit is calculated based on the prevalence rate, implementation area, past results, etc. 


As shown in the figure above, if the unit cost per advertisement acquisition can be predicted, the subsequent percentages of telephone appointments, initial visits, obtaining consent, and participating in a clinical trial (Randomize) can be roughly calculated. Here, the largest rate of change is in the value for telephone appointments (60%). Since this figure depends on the criteria, it may drop to 2% or less even if there are patients’ applications for participating in the disease clinical trial. 


In this section, we have explained our concept of the cost of recruiting clinical subjects. Since there are many steps involved in the recruitment process, it is difficult to make the whole costs visible, but by breaking them down, we can see the costs one by one. You don’t need to know much about recruiting clinical subjects. It’s just a question of whether the subjects are recruited. It is only a question of whether it is cost-effective or not. There is no “we did the best we could,” there are only results.   

Of course, it is impossible to measure all the figures clearly from the beginning, but we place great importance on setting a cost that you will be satisfied with. 

Process from Recruitment to Introduction of Clinical Subjects  


The following is a general description of the basic flow from the request to the introduction of subjects after the completion of the basic contract and NDA/CA. 


In addition to regular telephone and e-mail communication, we also support the timely exchange of texts and images using ” Chatwork ” and ” Box “. In addition, due to the global spread of the new coronavirus, we are actively responding to online meetings using “Zoom” and other tools to reduce face-to-face meetings as much as possible. 


Be Commissioned


Please submit an outline of the study using the request form specified by us, or an equivalent form.

Preparation of telephone interview sheet

Based on the clinical trial /study outline (protocol), we prepare the information list and telephone interview sheet for publication on the clinical trial recruitment website “ぺいるーと“. After creating the telephone interview sheet, you can confirm the contents before the start of open recruitment. 

Open recruitment

Project Team

Distribution of newsletters to existing database “ぺいるーとmembers. Develop strategies to achieve subject recruitment, including ad production and management, event implementation, and coordination with recruitment firms as needed. 

Member registration and trial application  


New members through advertisements and other means will apply for trial applications after registering as a member of “ぺいるーと“, our own media site for clinical trials. Existing database members just only apply for trials. 

Phone Appointmen


Telephone interview sheet will be used to ask about health conditions and selection criteria. The content of the interview can be changed flexibly based on the criteria.

Visiting Hospital or CRC support


The facility information will be provided to the applicant only at this point. If we receive a facility slot, we will make an appointment for you to come directly to the facility; otherwise, we will hand over the information to the CRC in charge of the facility. 

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