Functional food ingredients to the notification of information to our clients recruitment reporting up to the business to support.

Recruitment and reporting

This time, we are a pharmaceutical of the GCP under the clinical development of and food clinical trials experience rich in human resources and food human tests Department that is established.

In this category is"intended to meet the ethical guidelines for clinical research (integrated guidelines)"comply with the will,by 2018 4 on the enforcement of the"clinical method"is also possible, and home applications, functional foods report,the research and development, such as effectiveness, safety of services, for the acquisition of the city offers to them.

Testing and integration of guidance the guidance covers the procedures to create, do the confidence tests are requested by the most important features for you. Also, in conventional from of our expertise and recruitment in addition to the study design and Protocol proposal,the implementation of medical institutions and selection,case report form and consent explanation of the creation,the Ethical Review Committee of applicants such as exam preparation, beginning with the start of the test after the subject recruitment, the consent obtained of the auxiliary,subject management, test data management, statistical analysis, report or test sound.


The WEB diary survey

Food testing at all, the subject of this regulation to comply with as well as the challenge. Also, the quality of the collateral to a good-how to the customer's voice to the original was born in the WEB diary survey.

To utilize this system, the subjects of each survey response for the presence of real-time checked. Also, the answer is no if our call center from the very next day, the questions in the survey about the lack of confirmed order,"according to forget"or"what ate the memory on your", such as the results of the questionnaire to avoid possible.

In addition, this like 1 day in questionnaire according to forget and the contact is that of subject motivation, leading also to"drink to forget"the challenge at the same time clear can. Our survey is a WEB Journal survey if there is not, in the period from the call center outbound, regardless of the presence or absence, food intake rate of 5〜8% improvement is seen. Shedding to be suppressed. The challenge to provide a clear answer to.

Web survey

Cooperation company 【business partner】

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Iizuka food CRO.


Clinical trials The effects of health foods and cosmetics and scents of the assessment.
Functional food notification help Literature survey (preliminary research,research reviews, safety, research, mechanism of action, etc.) to implementation.
Consulting・other Public relations support and liaison, writing, translation, recipe creation, such as healthy food, as well as development and sales promotion support.
Health food manufacturing and sales of Supplements of commercialization.

Human testing of food CRO [user-Life Sciences]


Test costs or implementation site,implementation of medical institutions, such as the evaluation items by the consultation on The decide can not,feel free to check and contact us.