Here, we think the recruitment services of value and thinking,moreover, that the introduction of process information.


The value of services

Matching with the subject
Matching with the subject

We provide services to the company from the money transfer, it to the original campaigns is not the main objective. In clinical trials and clinical trials・clinical studies Side patients, such as subjects and exams your participation in the side and connecting the medical bridge between the service of the true value.

At first glance, the advertising Agency model and recruitment companies and two not much different, but the results are big difference. Why not,the requester and the patient both vision and a precise matching need recruitment company, subject to gather with a premise of commitment will be required. We always commitment to the pursuit,inevitably we all ad operations, and of the knowhow in-house to accumulate money.

Service value to seek and by-products

Utilization of social media

By operating advertisements such as social media in-house and connecting directly to the advertising media, it is possible to support the recruitment of subjects speedily and at low cost. In addition, by communicating directly with the advertising media side, detailed handling is possible, and know-how such as selection of catchphrases and A / B testing of images is accumulated in-house for advertising production.

A / B testing of advertising images
A / B testing of advertising images

It takes a lot of effort to keep up-to-date with the latest knowledge and technology and operate advertisements, but by always committing to the results in this way, we are increasing the value of the services we provide.

We will continue to support the implementing side of pharmaceutical companies, CROs, SMOs, etc., and in order to realize the development of Patient Centricity " patient-centered " drugs, as the closest position to the subjects. We will continue to pursue the value of the subject recruitment service by accurately catching what kind of information is required.

Recruitment to the accompanying service details, please click here.

Recruitment changes

Past and present

The previous mainstream, the SMO for each region of the PRO(Patient Recruitment Organization)to recruitment entrusted to it. PRO by holding the Database and Excel as the region is different, progress is bad regional, and local PRO using progress can be accelerated and administrative・cost advantage there. However, on the other hand, the implementation of the plan progress is worse from motion and for the period, reduced benefits so there was not a lot.

Currently, the PRO from the cases expected in advance to some extent factored in recruitment preparation and planning, the complexity of all the PRO to Refine recruitment entrusted to it, PRO of strengths and weaknesses by region by all patient registration has not made progress and,old as compared with the other great benefits have yet to.

Mainly carried out by means

1. Advertising agencies&PRO(Datebase・call center)

→Agency is good at"branding"on the implementation of the best, but the recruitment expertise is small, huge cost and risk.

2. SMO via PRO

→Cost that is 後手後手, and thus,the shortening of the period the benefits are less. Also, the PRO to 募集費 FOR tends to be low order,PRO their advertising costs to a limit, and the abilities to not fear.

3. PRO of several companies in parallel use

→PRO the good thing to utilize, it is possible, but the frame and the adjustment of each PRO to communication such as business and management is very complicated.

Our Editor is essentially"collect"things specifically,it's about the cost of a clear calculation. Also, in Hokkaido and Kyushu, and other major cities, such as local PRO and coordination is possible. It accompanies the frame and the adjustment of each of the SMO contract, the PRO of each IRB, article submission, etc are also available.

Recruitment of ad and its cost

募集費 FOR ruined

More than 10 years before the cases were bid only in the recruitment conducted for the recruitment company(hereinafter PRO), the cases in the unit other than advertising costs and administrative expenses・event expenses,many cost items are stacked on top of it.

Past and present of 募集費 for the difference.

It can be seen that, the PRO of the requester has changed the terms of, and risks to avoid PRO advertising Agency is advancing that point.

Of course, the subject of recruitment difficulty tends to increase every year, but it is all the reason to is not as old as compared to the cost of market rate commensurate with the effect which is asked, if the question remains.

The ad won the bid from the combination of 入費 for approximate image

The recent recruitment, the existing database is from advertising without a subject to collect is no mean feat.

We have the following in the image, such as advertisement cost the cost is calculated. Of course, each percentage is the Protocol, depending on numbers changing only in the roughly the cost of a sense of grabbing in the morning.

This is a healthy person for the exam, even if the disease tests even if you basically never change. Therefore, we recruited before the start of the test the expected yield of the hearing or FIX so it's easier to see opinions from people you care about.

For better or worse, in the end is what this number is expected with the divergence was clear, by the PRO of the whereabouts of the responsibility as well. The test is over,vaguely"PRO prospect is sweet to me", and then can not believe.

Also, risk-taking sharpness to get it,basically this is a back calculation, by which point the cost can be set.
※Advertising won the bid is the prevalence and implementation of Region・past performance as calculated.

募集費 for the calculation.

As can be seen from the above result, the ads win the bid can predict it, then the phone book・first visit・permission・into(Randomize)in the proportion of approximate calculation is possible. Here, the change rate is large phone book of numbers (60 percent). This system depends for its disease in the requirements(win), even if this number is less than 2% in the descending case.


Here, we think that the recruitment cost of thinking about explanation as you can. Incorporate it is many steps, because the recruitment cost is quite exposed on the decomposition by one of the cost you will see. Recruitment to poop or not. Collect from collect from. Cost-effectiveness is good or bad only. My best or not,is the result only.

Of course, all the numbers clear from the outset meter that is impossible, but our reasonable cost settings so it's easier to see opinions from people you care about.



Generally there is a contract or an NDA/CA signed after the completion of the request from the subject to introduce the basic flow will be explained.


In addition to regular phone and email exchanges, we also support timely exchange of texts and images using Chatwork and box. In addition, due to the worldwide spread of the new coronavirus, we have minimized face-to-face meetings and are actively responding to online meetings using "Zoom" and other means.

Structure figure



Our designated request form template,it is according to the style in the test summary to present the in. IRB article submission is also possible.

Telephone inquiry sheet

Test description(Protocol), based on the clinical trials recruitment sites"top that with a"public exam information and phone interview show. The telephone interview sheet is created after the public offering before the start of the content to check is available.

Recruitment begins

Project team
Project team

E-mail newsletter distribution for existing DateBase "Paito" members. If necessary, we will formulate strategies for achieving subject recruitment, such as advertising production and management, event implementation, and collaboration with recruiting companies.

Membership and testing requirements

Member registration

New members via advertisements are owned media Apply for the trial after registering as a member on the clinical trial recruitment site" Peart ". Existing DateBase members only apply for exams.

Phone book

Phone book

Phone consultation sheet health and selected conditions, such as the interview. Listening to the content system based on a flexibly modifiable.

Clinic or CRC response

For visits

Facility name facilities such as the information here is for the applicant to tell you. The facility inventory will be charged if you are directly admitted reservations, and if it is, the facility in charge of the CRC to take over here.

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