Clinical trials or clinical trial recruitment is simply acting as an advertising promotion only Achievements you can't.


Our past recruitment results based on the contract of the test for each Strategic Subject advertisements by performing in Tokyo and Osaka and other urban areas, regardless of area of Japan of recruitment, the quality and amount of collateral, and more.

Here, it is the main advertising means in.

The types of ads

Recruitment advertising technique is a large 2 on it.

  1. WEB advertising, using a recruitment
  2. Events such as the use of recruitment

Hereinafter, the characteristics of・step, etc can be introduced.



Social media


The characteristics of each

・Affiliate member of the increased use, its about the quality too much to ask for them.

・Search is the PULL type called advertisement. The user is active for the target(hence the subject)quality is good, large amount of inflow is not prompted for.

・SNS buzz effect expects more segments but when features. You can use layers to bias because there is no panacea.

E ・mail magazine ads,health surveys only accuracy other media, the member can serve,the trend of the Times, and so many influx is not expected to have a......



This method is primarily based on the WEB attract customers is difficult aged layer as the target implementation. In each region nursing meeting and the senior human resources such as collaboration with the commercial and shopping area such as a booth for the event to do. Also, the novelty(tissue) distribution of customers and conduct the company again.


WEB advertising messages

Merits:one number to reach you, local to you. Also, the target settings, you can, but the effect is easy to read.

Disadvantages: the older layer as the target layer depending on the effect spicy. Also, conflict as compared to that of a significant difference in out spicy.

Events and messages

Benefits:elderly such as a layer of WEB advertising target, you can layer, you can approach.

Disadvantages: the cost and effort・preparation also requires time.

Our strength

Our strength

The recruitment company is using the same advertising, but the result is different. Because of the request methods and pre・preparations-ask your child is a little different.

Also, ad delivery, advertising, etc, if you ask me, meeting and preparation time from the"lowest◯◯million yen or more from"as the financial limit in addition to in-house production if you can not,a certain extent of the jet, the ad delivery itself is so difficult and said is also a problem.

Our company Web page and advertising production and operation ranging from all in the company of complete is possible. Also, the shortest 1 day from the speedy advertising of the operation can start. Recruitment the number of assignments, regardless, please feel free to contact us.

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