Call Center

As an agent and spokesperson for the client

The call center makes the first impression on the client. It is an important phase that, by extension, is the face of the client. That is also the reason why we are based in Sapporo.  

In Hokkaido, the collapse of Taku Bank in 1997, triggered by the bursting of the bubble economy, created an urgent need to create jobs, and a system of subsidies for business locations was put in place early on. 

In addition to such subsidies, Hokkaido has a history of a rapid increase in the number of call centers due to its low dialect and relatively low labor costs. Thus, another advantage of Hokkaido, especially Sapporo, is that it has a large number of excellent personnel who are well versed in call center operations. 


For first-time participants in a clinical trial, the call center operation,which is the first step in participating in a clinical trial,influences their impression of the trial more than they can imagine.

As a call center that specializes in dealing with subjects, we aim to improve the quality and accuracy of our call center operations. We improve the quality of our call center through training of our operators like daily study sessions on diseases and drugs to ensure that subjects can participate in clinical trials with peace of mind without dropping out.